LTE Technology Overview

ATDI South Pacific


The objective of this Module is to provide an overall understanding of the Access network and the Physical Layer of LTE technology. This module is intended to introduce RF engineers to LTE and help them understand the fundamentals of this 4G technology.


This module is of 6 hours duration.


Euro 210


This module assumes that the participant is familiar with RF concepts such as Antenna theory, RF propagation, and Link Budgets.

Topics covered:

  • OFDMA,
  • SC-FDMA,
  • LTE bands,
  • RF Channels,
  • LTE Frame structure (Subcarrier, Symbol, Resource Element, Resource Block, Slot, Sub Frame, Frame),
  • Cyclic Prefix,
  • ISI,
  • Physical Layer parameters,
  • Overview of LTE network architecture,
  • Modulation and Coding Schemes – MCS,
  • Physical Channels in the DL and UL,
  • LTE Coverage KPIs: RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ and SINR,
  • RSRP and Multiple antenna Systems,
  • LTE Resource Grid,
  • TD LTE (overview and Frame Structure),
  • MIMO Concepts in LTE (Space Diversity and Spatial Multiplexing).

Minimum Attendance Required to run the Session:

5 People

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