LTE Planning in HTZ communications

ATDI South Pacific


The objective of this Module is to familiarise the participant with LTE functions in HTZ communications and how to use them to design an LTE network and perform LTE analyses.


This module is of 6 hours duration.


Euro 210


This module assumes that the participant is familiar with RF Planning and LTE technology. Furthermore, working knowledge of HTZ communication is required to attend this training.

Topics Covered:

  • Creating a Station,
  • eNodeB parameters and sector modelling,
  • creating a network,
  • importing multiple sites to HTZ, Global parameter editing,
  • Threshold calculator,
  • Automatic Network planning,
  • Network Analysis,
  • Interference analysis: Reference Signal (RSRP pollution) and Traffic (SINR),
  • Downlink and Uplink Throughput calculations,
  • Handover and neighbour Analysis,
  • UE parameters,
  • generating Subscribers,
  • Subscriber parenting and traffic analysis.

Minimum Attendance Required to run the Session:

5 People

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