Introduction to HTZ communications

ATDI South Pacific


The objective of this module is to introduce the participants to HTZ communications and how to navigate the tool for different functions.


This module is of 6 hours duration.


Euro 210


This module assumes that the participant is familiar with Cartographic data, Raster and Vector file formats.

Topics covered:

The concept of Project,

  • Project Setup,
  • The resampling factor,
  • different cartographic layers in HTZ communications,
  • Map Layer information Bar,
  • Display area in 3D, The vector file,
  • The vector layers, Drawing vectors,
  • Exporting vectors/polygons to Google Earth,
  • Importing Polygons from Google Earth,
  • Importing vectors from GIS formats,
  • Adding a Station to the Map,
  • Adding Sectors to a site,
  • Copying Stations, Stations List,
  • Station Status,
  • Generating grids and Station placement,
  • Path Profile between two points.

Minimum Attendance Required to run the Session:

5 People

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