Advanced topics in HTZ communications

ATDI South Pacific


The objective of this module is to introduce the participants to more advanced features and functions using HTZ communications.


This module is of 6 hours duration.


Euro 210


This module assumes that the participant is familiar HTZ communications.

Topics covered:

  • Adding a station on the map: Using the mouse,
  • From coordinates, From a .csv file, From KML file,
  • Configuring a station,
  • Using templates,
  • Isolate and Mask Stations,
  • Global parameters edit of Active Stations,
  • Antenna patterns import and selection,
  • Prediction parameters,
  • Generating coverage predictions,
  • Optimising coverage calculations,
  • Network coverage,
  • Coverage analysis: Best server, Number of overlaps…,
  • General Filter,
  • % Area covered,
  • % population covered,
  • Site Searching,
  • Automatic Network Planning,
  • Interference Analysis : C/I and IRF methods,
  • generating C/I Heat maps.

Minimum Attendance Required to run the Session:

5 People

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