LoRa WAN in HTZ communications

ATDI South Pacific


The objective of this module is to introduce the participants to design of LoRaWAN network using HTZ communications.


This module is of 6 hours duration.


Euro 210


This module assumes that the participant is familiar with RF planning concepts and HTZ communications.

Topics covered:

  • Link Budget derivation,
  • Adding a Station on the map,
  • Station parameters,
  • Propagation model selection,
  • Set up network,
  • Coverage prediction,
  • Coverage Analysis,
  • % Area covered,
  • % Population covered,
  • Subscriber database setup,
  • Generating subscribers/End points,
  • Global parameters edit,
  • Automatic site placements to cover subscribers,
  • Subscribers parenting,
  • coverage map export.

Minimum Attendance Required to run the Session:

5 People

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